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La Bellona 8X WATER-LIGHT CREAM 150ml

$49.00 USD $95.00 USD

All in one facial cream for the special skin care. The cream offers high level of hydration and nourishment to skin. Softening and improving the skin texture by natural ingredients. Help skin soothes for the skin irritated by external pollutants and lightens up the skin tone with deep moisturizing.

  • This cream has received the certificate from KFDA of South Korea. The patented components of the cream doesn’t contain of any alcohol, oil, artificial colors, or synthetic preservative.
  • Function: It helps to moisturize your skin to the max! It provides water and keeps the water within your skin, so to make it smoother, whiter, and to help in relieving wrinkles and spots. Also it helps in anti-aging and shrinking pores.
  • Containing an ample amount of tomato extracts and snail slime extracts, the cream offers high level of hydration and nourishment, softening and improving the skin texture by natural ingredients.
  • What it is formulated to do:-Long-lasting hydration, Wrinkle reduction, skin soothing, and Skin resilience.

  • Key ingredients: snail slime extracts, tomato extracts.

La Bellona 8x water light cream  – How to Use: 

  • FOR DRY SKIN: apply a thicker layer of it to skin.
  • FOR OILY SKIN: apply a thin layer of it to skin.
  • FOR MOISTURIZING PURPOSE: apply a thick layer of 2-3mm to skin, and massage your face gently.
  • FOR PORE SHRINKING: After washing your face with cold water for a few times, apply a suitable amount of cream to your face and massage gently.
  •  FOR COSMETIC USE: After washing your face, gently tap the cream to your face
  • Can be used as sleeping mask.

Key Ingredients:  snail slime extracts, tomato extracts